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Wideband Quad EFIE

Price: $89.00

This is the EFIE for V6 and V8 engines that are equipped with wide band oxygen sensors. Note: Vehicles that use wide band sensors, only use them upstream of the catalytic converter. The downstream sensors will still be narrow band. Therefore this product has 2 wide band EFIEs and 2 narrow band EFIEs.

FuelSaver-MPG produced the world's first EFIE that was designed specifically for use with wide band oxygen sensors. It will work with all types of wide band and AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio) sensors. It is the EFIE of choice for both 4-wire and 5-wire oxygen sensors. Also note there is a variation of the 5-wire sensor that uses 6 wires. This device will work with these too.

This model comes in a mountable box, and encased in protective epoxy. It has a terminal block for connections to the o2 sensors and for power and ground. It has one potentiometer that controls the 2 wide band EFIEs, and another pot for controlling the 2 narrow band EFIEs. An LED shows when the unit is powered up. When the unit has no power to it, it reverts the sensor signals back to stock.

These units have a start up delay of about 50 seconds. For the first 25 seconds after power up, there will be no change to the sensor's signal. After approximately 25 seconds the unit will start ramping up to it's set point. At 50 secs it will reach it's full adjustment to the sensor's signal, and will stay at this setting unless the pot it adjusted, or the power is turned off. This delay is by design so that the fuel mix will be richer during engine start up.

This unit is highly precise. It's signal drift is less than 1% across it's entire operating temperature range, which is -40C to 125C (-40F to 257F). "C" = degrees Celsius and "F" = degrees Fahrenheit. Note, the case will melt before the electronics are effected.

The installation guide can be found here: Installation Instructions.

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