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Legacy Dual Wide Band EFIE Basic (Close Out Sale)

Price: $45.00

On Sale! Originally sold for $79. This item has been discontinued and when existing stock is gone, they will not be reproduced.

This is our original dual wide band EFIE. It has the exact same circuitry as our recent Wide Band models. It has 2 wide band EFIEs. These will only work on wide band oxygen sensors. They do not have integrated narrow band EFIEs to treat your downstream sensors.

All wide band vehicles that we have analyzed to date, use narrow band o2 sensors for sensors that are downstream from the catalytic converter. Our new Quad Wide Band EFIE, and Dual Wide Band EFIE were designed to treat all of your sensors. Use this product if you already have your downstream sensors handled with separate narrow band EFIEs.

The EFIE will work with all types of wide band and AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio) sensors. To be clear, it is the correct device for both 4-wire and 5-wire oxygen sensors. Also there is a variation of the 5-wire sensor that uses 6 wires, and it will work on those too.

This model comes in a mountable box, and encased in protective plastic. if comes with quick disconnect terminals that will crimp to your wiring and allow the wiring to unplug from the device for easy installation. It has one potentiometer that controls the signal adjustment for both sensors. An LED shows when the unit is powered up.

These units have a start up delay of about 45 seconds. After approximately 25 seconds the unit will start ramping up. At 45 secs it will reach it's full adjustment to the sensor's signal. This delay is by design so that the fuel mix will be richer during engine start up.

This unit is highly precise. It's signal drift is less than 1% across it's entire operating temperature range, which is -40C to 125C (-40F to 257F). "C" = degrees Celsius and "F" = degrees Fahrenheit.

Installation instructions can be found here.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 December, 2008.

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