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Complete HHO Systems

"I'm getting 21 mpg , up from 14! 2010 Toyota Tundra, V-8 6.7 L gas engine."

M.W. Houston, TX

"I'll keep this short and sweet, my generator arrived today and I am absolutely floored with the professional build quality or your products, as well as the level of detail in your controls and online documentation. You're setting the bar for this industry."
D.R. Canada

"Got one from ya a few years back for my 70 chevelle 454 works great! ya probably won't believe me but the thing doubled my mileage had to check it a few times thought I was seeing things, The mileage went from 8.5 to 17 mpg for mod 454 I thought that was pretty good"

"2 dry cells, reservoir, 1 quad digital EFIE, 1 reg digital EFIE, 2 MAP enhancers (dual style). I have them almost 2 years and the products are working fine. Good quality products at a reasonable price and technical help. Low maintenance, good quality. Good installation instructions and troubleshooting info. Longevity and low maintenance, and consistent performance. The MAP enhancer is especially good compared to the one I made because it has a wider adjustment potential.  The generators don't discolor the water like the wet cells did. I also like the dry cells because it circulates the water and doesn't heat up. Thanks for the tech support."

"31mpg! CITY! 100% increase!  2000 Toyota 4 Runner, 4 cyl. 2.7litres. I'm quite amazed. I did a long road trip, and quite skeptical, had to pull over every 40 miles or so to test results by refilling at the next gas station. I got 30mpg's highway, and when I dialed my EFIE, 31.5mpgs IN CITY.  Awesome stuff guys. I'm getting 100% increase in mpg."

"I'm seeing about 25% increase in fuel economy so I know the system is working. My vehicle is a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5.9L gas engine."

"I used the HHO system very effectively for about 2 years on my 85 Mercedes 500SL. I enjoyed this experiment and consistently got 25% more mileage when the system was in use. It really helped when you have an engine that only gets 18 mpg it was a great experience for about 4 years. Keep up the innovative work. I think you are part of a grass roots effort that is pushing the big auto makers to finally start taking mileage and the environment seriously."

"I have one of the systems currently running on my Dodge truck (440 cid), I am getting better than 20%, although I do a lot of in town driving and it messes with the fuel efficiency. On the open road I get much better. Running less than 20 amps most of the time."

EFIEs and Electronics

"I have been using your digital and analog EFIE's for more than 3 years, and yes, they work well. Because you are very serious about your work and product, I believe they are the best on the market! Your EFIE's are very well build, easy to install, nice addons such as probe holes. Gains vary between vehicles but 15 – 30 % average. These digital EFIE's are hard needed when you install a watergas system in a fuel-injected petrol vehicle. They are well thought-out, well designed and well build and made to last a long time. I have not seen better quality EFIE's on the market! I'm sure that the other products Fuelsaver-MPG sell are of same the quality."
F.G. Netherlands

"I use many of your EFIEs, and a couple of MAP/MAF devices about 4 years. They are working without a problem. I get about 40%+ fuel savings with HHO. Quick good service - get what I order. Operational always, with good installation instructions. Usually, with older cars, they are not really needed.  But, since the inclusion of fuel computers and lambdas on vehicles, the need for oxygen sensor control is very necessary, requiring EFIE’s and MAP/MAF devices to regulate the proper fuel/air (HHO) mixtures. FuelSaver-MPG products have never let me down and the price is right."
D.G. Moscow

"I am using a digital and analog EFIE on a 2002 Subaru. I have been using them for about two years. I get about 25-30% gain.  I found your company on line.  It appears you folks do a good job. Qualities: Follow thru, quick turn around, quality product, good value. Review: I began experimenting with HHO in 2008.  I have always believed that we spend way too much on fuel and find enjoyment in cutting the costs down thru other alternative methods... namely Hydrogen.  Nay sayers think it BS.  I know there are MPG gains to be had."

"My old truck passed the Texas exhaust inspection after failing the day before without it. I replaced the o2 sensor and added one of your EFIE units. I have an old 1995 Chevy 3/4 ton four wheel drive pickup that I love."

Commercial Systems

"First, Mike Kehrli has been a great  help in making this system perform properly he is a man of the highest integrity and has tremendous back up and support of his product. System is working well, on the main motor 475 hp Fiat I have obtained 30 to 35% I would recommend to fit a flow scan fuel meter to get best results over varying engine revs. Aux is 125 hp fiat on 100 kva I have had varying results on this motor from 15 to 20 % this was due to gas leakage through solonoids on both motors, I used 24 volt danfross refrigation solanoids don’t recommend them plus aux is in need of rebuild. We fitted a hydrogen gas detector in engine room and above hho cell if all fittings are tight you will have no problems, easy to install and maintain I know you will achieve a benefit in using  Mike’s system... 6.8 amps on the gen set is the required to achieve 35% so far."
K.D. Australia


"I have been in contact with Mike for the past three months emailing back and forth. He has been an absolute god-send with assistance and advice. I can speak all day about customer service and how great this guy/company is, but won't babble on. Ultimately, I can say that I have never received the attention, service and overall exceptional satisfaction from any other company, that I have with this company."

"You have the best HHO information, thank you."

"He is one of the best men that I made business with because he is not only concerned in just selling his product but also encourages others and helps them in what they can achieve also in the same business with his expert judgement. Thanks, Mike. Keep it up."
L.B. Malta

" has been great in helping me get the most out of my fuel-saving and performance enhancing HHO kit.  But they didn't stop there. Fuel-Saver customer service and I have also dialogued about additional fuel saving technologies for my '12 Chevy Cruze Eco.  As a result, I have incorporated three mpg enhancing products under the hood--an MPG Fuel Vaporizor and Magnon fuel conditioning magnet in addition to my HHO kit.  I am very pleased with how these separate technologies work together to increase my car's mileage & performance. I can safely say with these combined technologies I have experienced a 32% increase in hwy mpg!  I base my results on the EPA hwy estimate for my '12 Chevy Cruze Eco because I installed my HHO kit and other fuel saving technologies immediately after purchasing my new car in 2012. The EPA estimates my car's hwy mileage at 39 mpg. But that figure is based on speeds & conditions more akin to 55-60 mpg according to EPA testing procedures and/ or the estimated mpg formula they provide the auto manufacturers for their calculations.  If we take into account the 20-25% decrease in efficiency going from speeds of 55 mph to 75 mph (75 is the hwy speed at which I drive) then the real world mpg estimate at 75 mph (without the HHO kit, etc.) for my car is closer to 30 hwy mpg.  Considering the fact that I now get 40- 47 hwy mpg at speeds of 75 mph or greater, my low end, conservative 40 mpg results demonstrate an adjusted increase of 32%!  I also love the smooth increase in power with city driving conditions as well."
J.D. Albuquerque, NM

"Thank you for your great website. There is a ton of great info there."

"I read your whole webpage and wanted to thank you for all the free info."

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