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Sensor Request Form

The Sensor Request Form has been discontinued. However, the resource we now use to answer these sensor questions is available to you. Go to the AutoZone web site. Once there, select your vehicle. The link should take you directly to the oxygen sensor page. You'll see a box that says, Tell Us What You Drive and We'll Tell You if it Fits. That's where you select your vehicle.

Once there, you can find your sensor type (narrow or wide band). The downstream sensor will always be narrow band. So, you don't need to look that up. But find your upstream sensor. They will usually have several choices for different prices. Pick one and follow it's link to the details page. On the details page for the sensor, it will tell you if it is narrow band or wide band. This will tell you if you need the Wideband or Digital EFIE. Note: Digital EFIEs are for engines with narrow band sensors.

If you have a 4 cylinder engine with a narrow band front sensor, you will be able to use a Dual Digital EFIE. For Wide band engines, there is only the Wideband Quad EFIE, which is for all engines with wide band sensors.

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If you still have questions about which EFIE you need, please email us at

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