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New Product Lineup

We've added quite a few new products to our EFIE lineup, and more are going to be coming out soon. This document was created to brief you on the various models that we carry.

Most models come in a "Basic" and a "Deluxe" version. The "Deluxe" versions are always built inside a mountable box, with test points (places that you can insert your meter probes for taking measurements), a switch, usually one or more LEDs, etc. They are designed to make mounting, controlling and maintaining your EFIE as easy as possible.

The "Basic" versions of our new boards are cast in a special epoxy resin to protect the circuit board from the harsh automotive environment, have minimal bells and whistles, and are designed to keep costs as low as possible. However, the electronic circuitry used in both Deluxe and Basic versions are the same. You don't have to buy the more expensive version to get the best possible circuit design.

Wide Band EFIE

We've now produced the world's first EFIE for wide band oxygen sensors. These devices work on both 4-wire and 5-wire wide band sensors. Also called "air/fuel ratio sensors" "air/fuel sensors" or "wide range oxygen sensors", wide band sensors are superior to their narrow band predecessors. However, until now there was no way to properly treat them for use with HHO technology. We changed all that with the release of these new Wide Band EFIEs. We currently only offer the basic model shown above, but will soon have a deluxe version as well.

Analog EFIE Product Lineup

Digital EFIE Series

This is a new line of products we have created, and actually allows for a greater degree of control than other types of EFIE. These are for use with narrow band oxygen sensors only. Pictured below are the Dual Digital EFIE Deluxe, and the new Quad Digital EFIE Basic. The Quad EFIE was designed to provide an economical way for you to treat 4 sensors on V-6 or V-8 engines. We think this is the only quad EFIE made by anyone. We have been finding more and more vehicles that require both upstream and downstream sensors to be treated, and this device allows that to be done economically. For more information on how these devices work, please see The New Digital EFIE: How It Works. We have discontinued making the Dual Digital Deluxe because it made people think they didn't need to treat their downstream sensors. We will be replacing it soon with a Quad Digital Deluxe.

Dual Digital EFIE BasicQuad Digital EFIE Basic

Frequency MAP/MAF Enhancer

This is another first from FuelSaver-MPG. We have produced the first, generally available, frequency based MAP/MAF enhancer. A large percentage of the MAFs and MAPs in vehicles today communicate to the computer using a frequency signal. It's not generally known that the MAP/MAF enhancers sold will only work on voltage type MAPs and MAFs. Ours will work on either type of device, making it the first universal MAP/MAF Enhancer.

Frequency MAP/MAP Enhancer

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