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Dual EFIE Basic

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An Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer is used to adjust the signal from the oxygen sensor(s) before they get to the engine's computer to compensate for an increase in fuel efficiency brought about by another fuel efficiency device. The single version handles one oxygen sensor, and the dual version handles two.

The Dual EFIE Basic is a rubber dipped circuit board that has 5" hookup wires for connection to: a) Power, b) Ground, c) Oxygen Sensor, and d) Computer. The dual model has 2 sets of sensor and computer wires. It has two on-board potentiometer to set the amount that the EFIE will alter each sensor's signal. When power is removed from the EFIE circuit board, it's relays will switch the EFIE out of circuit, and re-connect the oxygen sensor signal wires to the vehicle's computer (the same as before the EFIE was installed).

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