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International HHO Inst.

The International HHO Institute

It is the vision of the International HHO Institute:
  • To be the premier authority and open source of information for the discovery, development, and advancement of sustainable, renewable energy sources.
  • To promote HHO as a viable, sustainable, alternative energy.
  • To help reduce our dependence on foreign and domestic oil companies and our dependence on polluting, petroleum based-fossil fuels.
  • To provide standards for Quality, Safety, Installation, and Integrity solutions to meet the needs of its members.
  • Further, with the goal of becoming recognized as the “UL” for the HHO industry providing product registration and product performance certification.
To accomplish our goals we need YOU!

FuelSaver-MPG Inc. is proud to be founding corporate members of the International HHO Institute. This is a group of like minded professionals in the field of automotive hydrogen assist technologies that have banded together to help bring some order and standards to this new and exciting field.

It was recognized that in any new field, without proper standards and some way for the public to know if a product is professionally manufactured, that abuses can occur. It is one of the purposes of this group to help bring professional standards to the industry, and to help it expand in an ethical manner. We encourage you to visit the, and to join us as a member.

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