Dual Wide Band EFIE Deluxe

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This deluxe dual wide band EFIE has our latest circuitry for max gains. It contains 2 wide band EFIEs. This is only compatible with wide band oxygen sensors. It does not have integrated narrow band EFIEs to treat your downstream sensors.

All wide band vehicles that we have analyzed to date use narrow band o2 sensors for sensors that are downstream from the catalytic converter. Our upcoming products will soon feature a solution for your narrowband sensors. Use this product if you already have your downstream sensors handled with separate narrow band EFIEs. Note: Most gains come from treating the upstream sensors, so some users may find they do not need to treat downstream sensors for decent gains, as long as the upstream sensors are treated. This dual efie will treat two upstream wideband sensors.

The EFIE will work with all types of wide band and AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio) sensors. To be clear, it is the correct device for both 4-wire and 5-wire oxygen sensors. Also there is a variation of the 5-wire sensor that uses 6 wires, and it will work on those too.

This model comes in a sturdy translucent box, encased in protective plastic. It comes with four wire connections for easy installation. It has one potentiometer that controls the signal adjustment for both sensors. A red LED shows when power is present. A Green led shows when the unit is active. It also features an internal voltmeter to show the current efie setting in real-time - this does away with the hassle of measuring using an external meter! Can be mounted in the drivers area for realtime monitoring or under the hood.

This unit has a startup delay of about 30 seconds. At 30 seconds it will reach it's full adjustment to the sensor's signal. This delay is by design so that the fuel mix will be richer during engine start up.

This unit is highly precise. It's signal drift is less than 1% across it's entire operating temperature range, which is -40C to 125C (-40F to 257F). "C" = degrees Celsius and "F" = degrees Fahrenheit.

Works with all HHO generator systems
Built-in Voltmeter
Extremely stable output
Compact Size
Treats two wideband oxygen sensors with one unit
30 Second delay on startup

Compatible Vehicles:

LEXUS ES250 2021-2022
LEXUS ES300H 2019-2022
TOYOTA CAMRY 2018-2022
TOYOTA RAV4 2019-2022
TOYOTA VENZA 2021-2022

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