HHO Volume Testing

Pop Bottle Test

I often get asked about how to do a test of HHO production for a unit. Here I'll describe a very quick and dirty way to get an idea of your flow rate. Its not the most accurate. The really accurate way to do this is to use a temperature compensated professional meter that is calibrated for HHO gas. Since these cost about $1,500 we need a way to at least get some idea of how much gas is being produced.

The pop bottle test has been with us since the beginning of the HHO industry. It is done by filling a 2 liter coke bottle with water and then turning it upside down in a bucket, also filled with water. Now you can run your hose down into the bucket, and turn it up into the coke bottle. The HHO gas will fill the 2 liter bottle, displacing the water, until the bottle is empty. You'll want to time this process as accurately as you can. Since we know that bottle holds 2 liters, and a minute has 60 seconds, you can use this formula to calculate LPM (liters per minute).

LPM = 2 (liters) / Time (in seconds) / 60 (seconds per minute)

LPM = 2 / seconds / 60

Example: If it takes 120 seconds to fill the bottle, that's 2 minutes. Divided into 2 liters = 1 liter/min.

Example: If it takes 60 seconds to fill the bottle, that's 2 liters / 1 minute = 2 LPM

Example: If it takes 90 seconds to fill the bottle, that's 2 liters / 1.5 minutes = 1.33 LPM

I wouldn't accept this test from a manufacturer of an HHO cell as an acceptable method of determining a flow rate. You should ask your manufacturer to get his cell tested by the International HHO Institute. They will do an accurate and independent test of a supplier's cell and will post his results on their site. That's a test you can count on to be accurate. You can find out about that service here: www.ihhoi.org/cell-output-testing.html.

But for a simple backyard test that will get you in the ballpark, you can use the pop bottle test.

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