Installation Instructions

Index of Installation Instructions (With Pictures)


Hydrogen Assist Systems

Hydrogen Assist Systems, or How Does HHO Work?

What Is A Dry Cell?

What Is A PWM (Pulse Width Modulator)?

How Much HHO Should I Use?

How Many LPM Does Your Cell Make? (New!)

How Much Electrolyte Should I Use?

Cell Production, Important Data

HHO System Debug Checklist

Important: Minimum Safety Circuitry for HHO Installs

What Is Brown's Gas?


HHO Volume Test: Pop Bottle Test


The Basics of Sensors and Electronics

Oxygen Sensor Adjustment - General Information

EFIE: Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer, Described

What Kind of Sensors Do I Have?

Which EFIE Should I Buy?

Handling Your Vehicle's Electronics To Work With HHO

Oxygen Sensors, Types of

Wide Band Oxygen Sensors

The New Digital EFIE: How It Works

New EFIE Product Lineup

What Do I Need To Know About My Oxygen Sensor?



Fuel Economy Tips


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

A Simple MAF/MAP Enhancer

KOH Freezing Temperatures

Tuning For Mileage

Sensor Information Request Form

References Validating the Technology of HHO


Legacy Product Instructions

40A PWM Basic

Installation Instructions for Analog EFIEs

Notes for Analog Circuit Board Types

Power Control Module

How to Read Your Analog EFIE

Dual EFIE Deluxe Range Adjustment

Using FuelSaver-MPG EFIEs With 24 Volt Systems

Dry Cell System Installation Instructions

Dry Cell System Installation Instructions for Semis and Larger

Constant Current PWM With Display

Smart PWM Instructions

Digital Narrow Band Installation Instructions

Wide Band Series Installation Instructions

Frequency MAP/MAF Enhancer

Dual Edge MAP Enhancer

40A Constant Current PWM Instructions

OBD II Scanner Instructions

Wiring Diagrams

Oxygen Sensor Color Codes


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