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This is a group of like minded professionals in the field of automotive hydrogen assist technologies that have banded together to help bring order and standards to this new and exciting field. I urge you to join the institute, particularly if you are currently a manufacturer or supplier of HHO equipment. The membership is made up of many of the leaders of the industry, including ZeroFossilFuel, Smack (of Smacks Booster fame), SmartScarecrow and others. FuelSaver-MPG Inc is proud to be a founding corporate member of the International HHO Institute.
Use their Punch 3.0 DC (Dry Cell) for any size car. They also now have plans to build your own dry cell. See below.
Hybridgen makes an innovative form of dry cell which eliminates the need for holes through the plates for gas and electrolyte circulation. This makes the cell even more efficient than a standard dry cell.
This company specializes in the Eagle-Research HyZor technology, and as well has a commercial HHO Torch.
I recommend the 3-Step MPG Solution. It's a set of common sense methods for increasing your mileage. They will soon be offering 2 new electrolyzers for sale. Knowing the owner, I predict that they will be good ones.
This is one of the best forums for all types of fuel saving technologies.



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