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How Does This Technology Work?

HHO causes the diesel (or any other type of fuel) to burn faster. That's really all it does. But this has the effect of causing the fuel to burn more completely during the power stroke of the engine. Therefore, less fuel is still burning during the exhaust stroke where it will actually tend to work against the engine's revolutions. The result is that less fuel is required for the same amount of torque and engine revolutions or be wasted. The immediate primary results are reduced fuel consumption and emissions. HHO isn't an alternative fuel, but something which increases the efficiency of the fuel you are already using.

Increased Power

Hydrogen powered engines experience significant gains in horsepower. This is caused by the fact that more fuel is burning during the power stroke, giving more power for the same amount of fuel. This results in being able to pull loads in lower gears than before, which saves on fuel consumption.

Improved Emissions

Hydrogen assisted engines always report dramatic decreases in emissions. Some owners have used HHO systems on trucks which then passed emissions testing even after previously failing the same test. This can extend the useful life of older trucks. We have seen reports of hydrocarbon emissions dropping by 85% after just a few minutes of running on a hydrogen system. Emissions results improve for all pollutant gasses currently tested for.

Increased Engine Life

Engine life is also improved. First, because the fuel is burning more thoroughly, there are less unburned contaminants to foul up the engine and contaminate the oil. Secondly, because most of the fuel is actually burning during the power stroke of the engine, you're not wasting as much fuel heating up the engine without a return in horsepower. Engines tend to run 10-20 degrees cooler when on HHO systems.

Simple To Install - No Mechanic Needed!

Our kits come with everything you need for a successful installation. You will only need some basic tools. You will be shipped your system with all the cables, parts, screws, connectors, etc, so that you will have a successful installation. We usually ship within 24 hours.

Have a Larger Engine?

Our standard system has been successfully used on engines up to 22 liters displacement. Need something bigger? We have can design a 2 cell system, or supply you with larger cells. Let us know what you need and we will tailor make a system for you.

More Information

For more information on how hydrogen works, see How Does HHO Work?. To contact an HHO specialist, write to

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