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Privacy Notice

Your privacy is a top priority for FuelSaver-MPG. We've designed our check-out service to enable people to pay without exposing their financial information, using PayPal if you wish. If you do purchase with a credit card, your credit card information is forwarded to our bank, US Bank, to handle the transaction. Your credit card information is not stored or used by us at all.

Personal Information
We collect certain personal information about you, so that we can ship you your product, and provide service to you. We collect a minimum amount of information to do this. Whenever we are collecting any personal information, it is done on an encrypted connection for passing this information securely. Once we receive it we never give out any personal information, email addresses etc, to any third party for any reason whatsoever. It's sole use is so that we can give you the best service possible.

Secure Connection
This site uses SSL or secure socket layer, with 256 bit encryption when passing any personal information. Our SSL certificate was purchased from one of the most trusted SSL Cert companies in the world to provide encrypted connections to your computer.

How We Use Cookies
We send a "session cookie" to your computer when you log in to your account. This type of cookie helps us to recognize you if you visit multiple pages on our site during the same session, so that we don't need to ask you for your password on each page. Once you log out or close your browser, this cookie expires and no longer has any effect. You are free to decline our cookies if your browser permits, but doing so may interfere with your use of our website. However, while I have not tested extensively, I've been able to use this site using a browser with cookies disabled and it doesn't present major problems to do so.

Should you be interested in checking the cookies from this site, you can do so with modern browsers. First you should have your browser opened to our site. If you have a logon already, go ahead and login, so you'll activate some of our secure pages as well. In the following instructions, you'll be looking for cookies from and For Firefox, select Tools-> Options-> Privacy tab-> Show Cookies (button). For Opera, select Tools-> Advanced-> Cookies. Select a cookie and press "Edit". If you use Internet Explorer, you should probably upgrade to a modern browser that is more secure for use on the internet, but regardless the latest version (7.0) doesn't have a facility for viewing cookies. Anyway, if you're logged onto our site, you should see our name in a short list of recently viewed sites, and can select our cookie(s) and view them. They are quite vanilla in nature and do not present security issues. We only use them for your convenience.

How you can contact us about privacy questions
If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, you should use the "Contact Us" feature on the navigation bar for all of our contact options or by writing to us at FuelSaver-MPG, 810 Broadway St, Suite 204, Seaside, OR 97138

Mike Kehrli
FuelSaver-MPG Inc

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