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Affiliate Instructions

Earn Commissions on Referrals From Your Web Site

We have created an affiliate program, whereby you can get commissions on sales to people who linked to us from your web site. It doesn't matter if they purchase on their first visit, or leave and come back at a later date.

Register now for our Affiliate Program.

How Does It All Work?

After registering, you'll get your own unique affiliate ID, that you can use in links to our site. It's this affiliate ID that allows us to track every referral that you make to our site. When someone that your site referred then buys from us, you'll automatically get credited with the commission. Your unique affiliate link can be used in text links, graphic links, banner ads, email links, etc. We have created a number of these for your use, that can be copied directly into your current web pages. When any of these are used by visitors to your site, who subsequently buy one of our products, you will earn a commission on the sale. We will then pay you commissions on these sales.

We track these visitors in 3 ways:

  1. Session Tracking: If they purchase a product on their first visit to our site, directly from your link, then we obviously know they were your referral.
  2. Cookie: When they first visit our site from your link, we give them a cookie. Anyone who purchases from us that has this cookie lets us know that they were your referral.
  3. IP Address: If they have cookies blocked or deleted their cookies before making a purchase from us, we still use their IP address to keep track of the referral.

We keep this information for three months, so that the customer has plenty of time to make a purchase from your referral. As soon as they purchase, the commission is credited to your account. Once per month commissions are disbursed based on the method you select in your account settings. Commissions are paid on the sales of all products at the rate of 15%.

Register for our Affiliate Program now.

Please contact with any questions and/or suggestions for this program.

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